My story 

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” -Nelson Mandela

I failed Matric! As a young man, this was possibly the most embarrassing thing that could have happened in my life. But not anymore. I now wear it as a badge of honour. I see it a hurdle that I had to go through to become the man that I am today.


Failing Matric served as a turning point in my destiny. Had I passed, I most certainly would have joined the South African Police force, and crime would have spiked for sure. I know for sure I would have made a terrible cop.


It took a few years and numerous short-lived jobs before I discovered what I now know I was born to do. I also had a very entrepreneurial spirit and tried my hand at business early on. They weren’t always successful. It was as a Producer in TV and later Advertising and Film that I found my passion and eventual success.


The best thing about this world and what I do is the fact that no two days are the same. I would otherwise be terribly bored and might have quit a long time ago. It is this ever changing, albeit ever challenging environment that inspired me to conceptualise the ‘Becoming’ concept. The simple thought that we never become but are always becoming is what I also peg my entire message to young people on.


I think of myself, as that young man, failing Matric and I realise that too often, young people see failure as the end. When they should realise it could just be the beginning of ‘something new’, and possibly the birth of ‘someone new’. 


I believe that if they can be exposed to the reality that opportunities abound and that shifting their focus to other paths is an option, they will be encouraged to keep trying and will ultimately achieve greatness.


After my matric failure, it took me 19 years to get a university degree. But the absence of a degree did not prevent me from chasing my dreams and working jobs that otherwise required a qualification. Determination and passion is the name of the game. I was able to live the dream ahead of time. I never waited for anyone’s permission.


I just did it. And so should you…